Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Personal Story - How Not To Fix The Red Lights of Death

If your Xbox died recently, then you need to read on to find out my story - In effect, what you should never do. And then find out what you should do.

Last winter my Xbox died and gave me those red rings... Back then, I had absolutely no idea what they meant. All that I knew was that my Xbox wasn't working anymore. So, like most people, I ran a search on google for "Xbox 360 red lights" and pretty soon it turns out that I am in a s***load of trouble. The lights mean a general failure on your Xbox. Looking at the web, it looked like the only proper way to do anything was to send the thing back to Microsoft.

So, I wrapped it up and put the postage label on before I read the official site - Which told me that it would take eight weeks for them to fix it and ship it back! Eight weeks!  So I had to look to the Internet for other ways... Ways that wouldn't involve sending my Xbox away to be fixed.

The Xbox... Evil...
So I found this website that showed you how to crack open an Xbox's case and do some DIY soldering. According to the website, normally the Xbox has weak soldering joints and so re-soldering the joints would fix the problem. So - I gave it a try. And what do you know! After the repair, the three red lights were completely gone!  But - So were the rest of the lights. The soldering I'd done had resulted in a complete shutdown. So my Xbox is now completely broken and now won't even turn on...

So I decided to go with my original decision and sent it back to Microsoft. But since I broke the seal of the console with that stupid free YouTube video tutorial - They wouldn't replace it.

So a week later I had to spend my money on a completely new Xbox.

So as you would expect, I started looking around to see if anyone had tried the same stuff I had done, and when people asked for a red light fix, I told them that they needed to send it straight back to Microsoft, or they'd end up like me.

However - I'm not going around saying that any more. My lucky friend managed to get rid of his red lights... I tell you, he was all up in my face, gloating how he'd fixed it. Apparently, he found this system online called James Dean 3 Red Light Fix. They had a money back guarantee on it that he would have his console working - If it didn't, he got his money back. And waddya know, it worked. An hour later he was playing Halo:Reach on his 360. So I now recommend the guide... It has worked for everyone I've recommended it to. And they have found that it works just fine for them as it worked for my friend.

So if your 360 is dead, then I think you should give it a shot. With a great guarantee and the possibility of getting it up and running is less than two hours - I think it is. James Dean 3 Red Light Fix is my personal choice.

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