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How To Fix The Xbox Slim RROD

Before I get blasted in the comments, I would like to point out that the Xbox Slim RROD is real, and is a very real thing. I’ve even posted video of it once in a while. Look down at my previous posts to find it.

The Xbox Slim RROD is not caused by overheating, as the previous one was. This is because the previous Xbox did not shut down when the heat of the Xbox got over a predetermined limit. The new Xbox Slim does have this feature, effectively cancelling out this cause. Other claimed causes for this include flexing of the main motherboard, like in the old Xbox. However, Microsoft have fixed this old issue by applying epoxy to the corners of the processors and the motherboard to stop it from flexing.

So what is the cause of the Xbox Slim RROD? Well, it’s actually quite simple - The problem stems from an error with the hard drive. This means that something has gone wrong with the HDD, which means Hard Disk Drive, and is where you keep all your game data, saves, downloaded movies, and all of your Xbox Live Downloadable Content.

Many people have reported hearing “The Click of Death” when their Xbox Slim RROD happens. This is a small squeaking noise that occurs before your Xbox Slim RROD’s. It has been reported to be quite creepy to listen too, and when you reboot your Xbox, you have a RROD on your Xbox Slim! The Xbox Click of Death has been reported to happen whenever you try to access data off your hard drive, like watching a movie or maybe playing DLC. The click can be very light, or it can be loud enough to hear across the room.

The Click of Death comes from your hard drive skipping across the surface of the drive, which either scratches the disc or corrupts the hard drive with all your saves on. The best thing to do when you hear the click of death is to immediately turn off your Xbox to stop your Hard Disk Drive from getting scratched. If you don’t do this in time, you may end up with an Xbox Slim RROD.

Image - Renjith Krishnan 
The hard drive skips across the surface of the Hard Disk Drive because each time it hits a “Bad Sector” on the hard disk, it has to go to where the sector was remapped too - So if your disc is jumping a lot, then you need to fix it fast!

The best thing to do to stop your Xbox Slim getting the RROD like this is to back up your hard drive contents regularly so when it stops working, you can just replace it with a new one, all your saves and movies and DLC available again!

However, there are bound to be a few people reading this article who have not backed up their disk drive, and I am sorry to say, that if you have not backed up your hard drive and your Xbox Slim gets the RROD, then you have lost everything on that disk. You will need to take out the disk and replace it with a new one, but first take the disk to a hardware specialist to see if you can get any data recovered.


  1. hi - I have tried this and it still does not work so what do I do now?

    thank you

  2. The Xbox Click of Death has been reported to happen whenever you try to access data off your hard drive, like watching a movie or maybe playing DLC.

  3. This is right in most cases. But there are also other reasons for your Xbox Slim to have RROD:

    1. Processor failure. Yes, the same as old Xbox RROD. In new Xbox 360 the GPU and the CPU are merged in one chip but it still can fail. Also the RAM may also get loose from the motherboard. The error codes for these problems are 0020, 0021, 0022, 0101, 0110, E82.

    2. Power brick failure. In this case the light on the power brick will be orange or red while the console's light is red. Typical error code is 0001.

    3. DVD-ROM failure. If you have flashed it wrong, you may get this failure. Its error code is E64. Also this failure may appear if you press the eject button very-very fast, the drive will "tire" to open/close and this error will appear.

  4. Fuck this, buy a ps3.. it's a joke

    xbox 360 owner here

  5. oh.. and then you get a Yellow Light error on a PS3 ... Durrrr...

  6. Lead free solder is shit. Ps3 repair is a lot more reliable though.

  7. I have a slim with the "RROD", but the HDD is fine and works fine when used with other slims. Not saying the article is wrong, but its not a cure all.

  8. I treied reflow on southbridge and cpu gpu combo and also ram all part of the same reflow twice, nothing .

    I have had luck with a few but this one is tedious :)

    As for error 0101 being as some say the usb ports they were clear of cross connection , but i did notice some thing.

    Front ports when usb hub plugged in still had same red light appear.

    Rear 3 ports.

    When plugged into top 1st port same as front went to red light after few seconds.

    Now when I plugged into port 2 ( middle port ) and then last port bottom number 3 the fan stopped dead.

    That is as far as I got with console

  9. When someone talk about fixing the Xbox problems then you think that it is time consuming as well as very complex work. But now it is very easy to fix the problems of PROD with your tutorial. Thank you so much for your good work.
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  10. first of all lets get one thing accurate:
    removing the hard drive is for one specific error on the slim trinity or corona versions. if your tv screen freezes in mid game and your graphics are pixelating then on a trinity board it will be the hana scaler chip you will have to google image the trinity hana loaction then you will need to reflow this chip using a proper reflow station and the correct reflow profile for it (reflow profile is a unique heat to time stage increase to which the lead free becomes molten and reseats back on the circuit board underneath the hana bga)

    If on the other hand you have a corona version slim circuit board there will be no hana chip on it at all because microsoft decided to incorporate it in with the southbridge chip, again you will have to google imaqe search for it and follow a reflow profile for that too.

    Under no circumstances should you even think about using a heat gun or wrapping in towels or your sisters hair dryer.IT WILL NOT WORK and you will cause more damage. the reason you will do more damage is that the circuit board needs to have at least 150 deg celcius underneath it called a pre heater. then the top heater would have the profile set to rise in temperature and held at that temperature for a certain amount of seconds hence why it is called a PROFILE.

    Sometimes a reflow alone will not fix the issue and only reball will usually fix it. a reball is where you are removing the necessary chip from the board completeley and re-attaching new solder balls to the bga chip using a reball station or jig these solder balls are 0.6mm in diameter and several hundred are typically on a single chip so again you would be old and grey trying to do it without the proper equipment and most of all knowledge and skill in this field.

    I have been repairing xbox 360 console's since 2009 from the early 2005 xenon and zephyr a/v models to the hdmi falcon, jasper and so on right through to the slims and now the xbox 360 E and xbox one's are even beginning to go faulty.

    I urge anyone who wishes to repair there own console is to do plenty of research and by that i mean NOT FOLLOWING PATHETIC YOU TUBE VIDEOS. you need to look at reflow and reball equipment, how it works what it's used for and whats best for you. typically you can expect to pay around £350 to £450 just for a basic infra red set up.

    slim secondary codes 0100 0101 are 100% CGPU on a corona board
    slim secondary codes 0100 0101 are more often the Hana chip on trinity boards.

  11. Hello Dear,
    Feeling very great full to getting the compliments.
    Thank You.


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