Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Halo 4 Release

Thought I'd talk about some Xbox games for this post, It gets a bit weird writing about the same topic every day!

So today - The soon to be released, highly debated Halo 4! I've been a massive Halo 4 fan ever since I started playing the first game about 7 years ago. So, I was very happy to hear about the new Halo 4 game coming out, with loads of new content, allies and weapons, like the Brute Plasma Rifle, The Gravity Cannon and the Plasma Mortar, along with an entirely new story centring around the ever popular Master Chief.

Click Here To Watch The Halo 4 Trailer

The trailer is quite short and features Master Chief waking up from his Cyro-Pod to the ship he is on being caught on fire and being sucked into a bigger spaceship that may be covenant, or something else? Who knows?

The planned release date for the game is Fall 2012 with no specific date, so Halo fans will have some time to wait before the next game comes out. However you can already preorder the game now, with many sites allowing you to order now and get free shipping.

Buy Halo 4 Today!


  1. Halo is series yet. I having its all previous series. I have finished halo III just week ago. Hope this new series would be good rather than its previous series.

  2. I play the hole series of Halo. This is such a fantastic to play and now Halo release the Halo 4. I really exited to play this new game.

  3. I watch the Halo 4 trailer, it is very nice. This is game is come with the new features and new thrills. I am really excited to play this game.


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