Friday, 27 May 2011

What is The Xbox Slim Failure Rate?

The Xbox Slim failure rate has changed quite lot since the new console was released to the public. In a previous article, I mentioned how the Xbox 360 Slim could still get the Red Ring of Death (Or the Red Dot of Death) the same as the other Xenon generation Xbox’s. However, since publishing that article, I got a lot of people asking me for information on how many Xbox 360 Slim’s failed.

The Xbox 360 Slim has been reported by Microsoft to have improved upon the current 33% failure rate among Xenon generation Xbox’s. They say that the failure rate has been improved because of the addition of another big fan, and a new redesign. However, the Xbox 360 Slim still fails with a RDOD (Red Dot of Death) in some cases.

So then, you say, that’s all very well, but what is the failure rate for the Xbox 360 Slim? Well, the failure rate for the Xbox 360 slim has been reduced from the previous 33% to around 10 - 15%. In my opinion, that is not much of an improvement - A lot of Xbox 360 slims will be affected by the RDOD still to come!
Even worse, the three year warranty that covered the original Xbox 360 Xenon has been removed, and the console is only warranted under for just one year! If it goes bust after that… Bang… Another $150 to repair it!

Unfortunately for you guys with the RROD out there - You probably heard that the Xbox Slim did not get the errors as fast as the original Xbox. I think it’s better to just try and fix your current Xbox rather than buy a completely new one that may get the exact same problem again. 


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  2. You're an idiot if you think that the new xbox slim breaks just as easily. You sound like a sony fanboy. Anyone owns an xbox (old model or new) knows that it is far less likely to overheat than the old model, as it has a huge fan on the side of it. I'd suggest buying an xbox and trying it out.

  3. >implying sony fanboys have blogs about xbox

  4. Well i bought mine on christmass from best buy and i got the red dot of death with no video. Not even 2 months and it did that. It never overheated, the fans arent blocked either. When it happened i noticed some graphic artefacts when playing skyrim

    1. Well I have 2 slims one since day one and the other is a MW3 limited edition and no problems yet with either of them. And my kids are on the old one everyday.
      Took my old Xbox 360 slim 4 years to get the RROD all in all best system out still has a better then my ps3 that lasted 14 months.

  5. Well, good details regarding Xbox Slim Failure Rate. The failure rates of the Playstation were known to be lower, but with the newest Xbox launch.

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