Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Gamestop Stops Selling Used RROD Xbox's

Yes, thats right, Gamestop released the following memo.

“As of Saturday 3rd September we will not be selling Pre-owned Xbox 360 Cores, Arcades and 20GB non HDMIs. This is due to the high failure rate of the console and the difficulty and cost of repairing them. We will continue to trade these consoles in but they will need to be sent back to the DC as a regular faulty return where they will exit the business,” 

Th only thing that springs to my mind immediately is - What were they thinking selling Xbox 360's that had had the RROD before. Statistics show that 60% of Xbox's that have had the RROD once and been fixed by Microsoft, will have it again. Further, 30% of consoles with some other error, will have another error again.

Surely Gamestop could not have been as incompetent to not take heed of that statistic?


  1. Interesting post!

  2. hope i dont get it again! + followed

  3. This is very bad news for the users that Gamestop stopping to sell the Xbox's for some error. I hope that it will start to sell the Xbox's very quickly.


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