Saturday, 20 August 2011

X-Clamp Fix

If you are looking to fix your Xbox 360 Red Lights then you have probably heard of the Xbox X-Clamp Fix. Many people claim that this fix repairs the Red Ring of Death. But does this fix actually work? Or are they simply trying to get you to buy Xbox Repair Kits?

X-Clamp fix in action

You may notice with this method of fixing the RROD that it involves actually taking apart the Xbox completely. If one screw gets lost, or one washer isn’t put on properly, then you have a major problem, and your Xbox may stop working altogether. And whats worse, but your warranty has been voided by opening the case, so you won’t be able to replace it by sending it to Microsoft.

Also, this video assumes that the cause of the RROD is the X-Clamp, but this has not necessarily been proven. I wrote a post on the many suspected causes of the Red Ring of Death a while back, and concluded that there was no definite answer as to what caused it.

Overall, I highly doubt the effectiveness of this fix.


  1. hm.. looks like a very technical fix.

  2. The Red Ring of Death is not curable.

  3. I've used the x-clamp fix once. It does work, but it isn't guaranteed to keep things running for an extended period.. Or, I might have screwed up when I applied the fix. Either way, it does what it is supposed to, namely stop the RRoD.

  4. The XBox 360 Red Ring of Death can occur out of the blue after switching on your console and being approached by the three red flashing lights.


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