Sunday, 8 May 2011

How Likely is it That Your Xbox Will Get the RROD?

So, if you have not had the Red Ring of Death (Congrats), but are now wondering "Oh my GOD! How many people get these?" Well, the official to failure rate within the console market is officially 3-5%, according to Microsoft  However, various other companies and individuals have tested the Xbox 360 in failure rate and have come up with quite different, and shocking, results.

Warranty company Squaretrade decided to run a study of one thousand and forty Xbox 360's - A shocking 171 of them failed in some way or another, a one-in-six failure rate - 60% of these were due to a General Hardware Failure (Red Ring of Death), 18% disk read errors, 13% hard drive freezes, 10% power issues and 7% disk tray malfunctions. Squaretrade also released notes that due to the time the study took place (Six-Ten Months) the actual fail rate would be much higher.

The highest failure rate released to the public is 68%, while the lowest failure rate released is 3.8%. I don't know about you, but that is a lot of Xbox's that will fail at some points in their lives.

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  1. From friends and people I've met, and from what I've seen on the internet, I'd guess between 10 and 20% now, but three or so years ago, pretty much everyone I knew who had an XBox had had an RRoD at some point, many of them had been through it a couple of times. One guy I know had it six times. But it doesn't seem that bad nowadays. I only had one a couple of years ago, and I can't remember the last time any of my friends had one.


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