Saturday, 7 May 2011

Could The Graphics Chip Be The Cause of the RROD?

graphics processing unit
The Microsoft chip

Research into the Xbox 360 has unearthed some evidence about the graphics chip that Microsoft uses in it's Xbox 360's.

If you don't know what the graphics chip in an Xbox 360 is then you ought to know that it is basically the chip that turns the Xbox code into pictures that are displayed on your screen. As this has to be done in real time, you can imagine how much heat this thing puts out. So, you would think that Microsoft would use a good chip from a reputable vendor that was guaranteed to work with no problems?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Microsoft decided to develop a new chip instead of buying some to use - This is something they are not used too doing, making graphics chips. As a result, the chip that was produced pumped out way, way too much heat - It has already been found that overheating may cause the RROD.

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