Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Microsoft Bans Class Action Lawsuits Against The RROD

Last year, Microsoft changed their EULA (End User License Agreement). Not a big deal huh? These changes happen every few months or so, don't they? Well, when was the last time you bothered reading it? Or for that matter, any user agreement or Terms and Conditions.

Well, you might want too start researching, because in April 2011, the court ruled that businesses can use contracts to deny class action lawsuits, as long as they agree to the licence. Notice that it was round about this time that Microsoft changed the EULA on the Xbox 360. This ruling has stopped many, many people from claiming against the Red Ring of Death, a software bug that be may considered fraud.

Instead of a proper class action, your court case will now be held in front of an independent arbitrator - This method is called arbitration. There are several downsides to arbitration, such as the fact that you cannot appeal against the decision made by the arbitration, and the public does not get to review the findings of the judge.

Let's hope the high court starts to come to their senses - and stop companies like Microsoft unfairly protecting themselves against their high profile screwups!

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