Saturday, 30 July 2011

Does The Xbox 360 Scratch Discs

There have been many reports of a new problem with the Xbox 360, and this time, it’s not the Red Ring of Death. The new issue that is being investigated deals with a problem with the Xbox 360 disk drive, which seems to malfunction. Microsoft does warn against this, as there is a sticker asking users not to pick up the console when it has a disk in. However, some discs are getting scratched, even when the console is not being jarred - And Microsoft refuse to replace discs.

The BBC watchdog even did an episode on this, here’s one of their stories -

“The Monaghans are a family of seven - mum, dad and five daughters. Dad, Robert, wanted an activity the whole family could enjoy and so he decided to buy an Xbox 360 along with the game Rock Band.
The family enjoyed playing together, until only a few weeks later when the music came to a sudden stop. The console was displaying a disc read error and, when inspected, they found a large circular scratch along the surface of the disc. Robert wasn't pleased and thought the girls had done something wrong, so he put the Xbox away as a punishment.
When the Monaghan's eldest daughter, Alana, turned 11 they decided to buy a new game and put the family band back together. This time they bought Guitar Hero: World Tour but after only an hour and half of play they discovered the disc had been scratched and ruined again. This time Robert knew it wasn't his daughters and he called Microsoft.
Again Microsoft denied responsibility, telling the family it was their fault and that they'd not be replacing the games. The family were furious and adamant that the console had not been touched while the game was playing. The Xbox was taken away to be looked at and the Monaghan's were left without their console.”
Watchdog also conducted further tests on both the Xbox Slim and the older Xenon Generation console. The results were that they both worked fine when completely stationary, but they failed when they simulated someone putting a book next to the console, the older console failed.
In my opinion, this is something Microsoft definitely needs to take a look at. There are more and more complaints every day about this problem.


  1. happened to my mate years ago, gamestation swapped it at the time no questions asked


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