Thursday, 5 May 2011

The 3 Most Annoying Things About Losing Your Xbox 360

My friend recently lost his Xbox to the Red Ring Of Death - He said it's a painful experience. Being the good friend I am, I asked why. Here are his top three annoying things about losing your Xbox.

3 - Your Annoying Friends

They call up and ask "Hey, come on halo/COD/whatever" before you have to tell them that your Xbox is broken. If this has happened to them before, then there is almost no doubt that they will try to tell you what to do over the phone and suchlike. If they haven't had the problem, they will gloat at you for being such an idiot to break it, even if it's not your fault.

2 - The many ways of "Fixing" it

Ever told someone that you have the red lights, and they automatically try to tell you how to fix it? Well, imagine that for the millions of people who post on message boards - They have literally hundreds of reply's, all thinking that they know best. Nearly everyone can suggest a different method and so the OP of the thread has all these methods to choose from... However, hardly any of them actually work.

1 - Whining Kids

Some people might think that a Red Lighted Xbox is a godsend, finally forcing the children away from the Xbox to do other things. Unfortunately, that gap will not be filled by anything as the kids still want to play Xbox - Not anything else! The result? Whiny kids demanding you fix the Xbox at every moment when they have free time - After school, before school, after dinner, it gets annoying. And it will not stop until the Xbox is fixed.

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