Thursday, 5 May 2011

Slim Xbox 360 S Still Gets The RROD

Microsoft Xbox 360 S Game console
The Xbox 360 S

Do you ever get frustrated with the RROD and think "You know, I should just buy a new Xbox - One of the new slim ones that doesn't get the RROD" Unfortunately, I am here to break the bad news that yes, the new Xbox gets the errors just the same as it's older cousin.

Although in this case, the elaborate warning system put in place by Xbox (with the successive lighting up of the quadrants) has been removed - It has been replaced with just the green dot in the middle flashing red. This has been dobbed "The Red Dot of Death" (RDOD) by some.

What's more - Microsoft only offers a 1 year warranty period for this Xbox, instead of a three year warranty for the old one! Microsoft says that this is because the new design consists of a new chip and power system for the console - However, only time will tell if these new consoles RDOD as quick as the last ones.

If this console does fail however, the I think it would be best to just fix your current console. Or if you don't have a console, then get the Xbox S and post here to tell us if it RDOD's anytime soon.

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