Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Does The Xbox Slim Scratch Discs

EDIT: Just a short update today, some of you have been bugging me about this.
As I stated in a recent post, it has been found by BBC watchdog that the Xbox 360 often scratches the discs when it is moved, even slightly.

However, I didn’t state what happened to the Xbox Slim when it was put through the same “Shake Test” as the older console. So I am pleased to say here that the Xbox Slim “passed the shake test with flying colours” Thank god, the Xbox doesn’t need much more bad reputation!


  1. Now test and xbox in a Chinese earthquake.

  2. Hey man. This is an interesting post, but can you link to an article about that watchdog group?

  3. I love my xbox slim, the PS3 slim is great too. Glad to hear that my games won't be in any danger by using it!

    +followed for good advice


  4. @Carm

    Of course!

    Watchdog link - http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2009/03/xbox_360.html

  5. I like to play the xbox slim. I am so much happy that my games will not have any harm using it. I am so glad that you discuss this article with us.


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