Friday, 12 August 2011

Towel Trick - Your Opinion

Hello readers! You may have read my earlier post on the towel trick, and how I thought that it was a bad idea. Well, I have got some quotes from people who have tried the towel trick, and have had varied results.

“Warning it will work but after u do this your xbox will turn off everytime it gets hot which is about every 10mins so ya good luck” - armando1499
“99% of the times you get rrod is because the solder has lost connection either in cpu or gpu. baking the xbox in towels will actually melt the solder so a new connection is made. however personally i dont recommend baking the xbox in towels (fire hazard). disabeling the fans will work much better and it will go much faster”. - poosarri

“It still boggles my mind that this actually worked last night on my friends 360. He had 4 red lights of doom, the first time he tried the towel trick he got on and played for about 20 minutes, then froze up then BOOM back to the red lights, actually only 3 red lights this time. Tried the Towel trick again, green light comes back on. He played for hours and hours and did not see the RED LIGHTS OF DOOM AGAIN! Thanks to who ever thought of this!”  - Anon

“I was desperate to get my 360 running, so I gave it a shot, as I also had the TRLoD (Three Red Lights Of Death). I honestly think the problem has to do with one of the case fans not spooling up fast enough -- it makes a different noise when malfunctioning. Yes, it's hokey and appears to be internet giberrish, but honest-to-goodness, it worked on my 360 (1st gen). It dies after prolonged use (1hr watching a DVD movie on it) and the fan makes funny noise again. I wish I could've had a camera on my face when it powered up successfully after doing the trick (what was I going to do, break it?)... my jaw dropped, and I said loudly "I don't f****** believe it." I wrapped mine in a fleece blanket (towels were in the wash), and let 'er sit for 20 minutes while I played Wii and PS3 (I wasn't sure if something would burst into flames, so I watched it). }=) It didn't auto-shutdown, so I tried it anyway, and it worked. Today, back to the TRLoD, but I know how to resurrect it. I nearly bought a replacement, and then heard about the HDMI version of the 360... I wonder how long this puppy will last.” - Anon

“The towel trick is only a temporary fix for the xbox 360 and if it does work it will only do so for a couple of hours or days then you have to do it again and again... This can in fact further damage your 360” - patkaa

“all we hear about is the 360 and its overheating issues...and you want me to overheat it on purpose!?! WTF?” - GregTheHammer


  1. Dude 4 lights means u have a connection problem ur friend messed his xbox up for no reason

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